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"Jon is very approachable, and I was able to hire him to help me with my car accident injuries without any money up front!"

"SGI terminated my benefits and Jonathan fought for me and had them reinstated. "

"Having Jon handle my Alberta car accident was very convenient."

"I thought I had no chance to win, then I called Jonathan for a free consultation, it was the best call I have ever made. "

Legal Representation

Car Accidents, Fatal Accidents, Drunk Drivers 

If you've had an auto accident...and have Tort insurance or disagree with an SGI No Fault Adjuster's decision......  if you've been injured by an impaired driver... or you have lost a loved one in an accident; it is crucial to make sure your legal interests are protected. 

*Pursuant to section 3.6 - 6 of the Saskatchewan Code of Professional Conduct, Jonathan Abrametz has the expertise and ability in the area of auto injury litigation and fatal accident litigation to accept referrals from other lawyers and pay a referral fee to that lawyer.


Being injured by an impaired driver is a traumatic experience. 

You need to know your rights under the law and act to protect them immediately - before memories fade, evidence is lost, or witnesses disappear. Don't wait to get help from a lawyer. The longer your Lawyer has before trial, the better and stronger your case can be.



Meet Jon


Jonathan Abrametz is a trial lawyer, advocate, auto injury practitioner and principal of The Barrister Group in Saskatoon who practices primarily in no fault and tort auto injury claims in both Saskatchewan and Alberta; fatal accident claims; personal injury claims and residential and commercial real estate investment and transaction.

Jonathan has been involved in charitable and community organizations including the Kinsmen club of Saskatoon as agent for the Kinsmen Sports Celebrity Dinner. Jon has contributed to the legal community by presenting education seminars to other lawyers on Criminal law, the Saskatchewan bar admission course and has also served as editor of the Saskatchewan Bar Admission course materials "The Case for the Defence" in 2009 on Criminal Law. Jonathan is a private pilot and also holds a Chartered Director designation from McMaster University. Jon is a member of the legendary Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyers College Ranch Club.

The bulk of Jonathan's practice consists of representing people who have been injured in auto accidents with many reported decisions from every level of Saskatchewan's Courts. In Saskatchewan, claims for "pain and suffering" can be advanced when the driver is impaired, when the driver has injured you on purpose with their vehicle and been convicted criminally or if you have elected tort insurance. Jonathan represents Saskatchewan victims of auto injuries whether their accident took place in Saskatchewan or Alberta.

Jonathan is most proud to represent peoples whose voice has been marginalized by a complicated judicial system and whose civil and legal rights are in jeopardy. Jonathan is proud to represent clients from across our great Province.

Auto Accident Insurance
in Saskatchewan

Since the advent of No-fault insurance in Saskatchewan in 1995, the system for compensating injured parties is dealt with by SGI adjusters. They make decisions about your entitlement to benefits that are final, subject to your right to appeal. There is a process by which an SGI adjusters' sometimes seemingly arbitrary or partial decisions can be tested in a judicial or quasi-judicial setting.

What is
No fault Insurance?

If you have not elected Tort insurance with SGI's Tort Declaration Form you, like 99.4% of Saskatchewan's insured have No-Fault insurance.

In simple terms, your No-Fault designation means that if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, you cannot sue a negligent driver (and their insurance company) for the pain and suffering you experience, with certain exceptions.

However, you can sue for your economic loss, even if you have No-fault. Jonathan S. Abrametz can assist you in navigating through the no-fault system, and assist you with answers to questions and possible legal issues arising from the compensation under this system.

Appeals Commission or King's Bench

No Fault benefit denial appeals are heard by either The Automobile Injury Appeal Commission or the Court of King's Bench. The Court of King's Bench is a longer process but adheres to common law principles that ensure procedural fairness.

The Commission is informal and currently not obligated to follow Supreme Court rules concerning procedural fairness such as admissibility of expert evidence. The commission members are political appointees who serve at the will of the Minister of Justice.  SGI has an overwhelming success rate in front of the commission. SGI achieves this success, in part, by using its own medical director to give evidence on a wide range of issues outside the scope of expertise of a family doctor or hospitalist such as engineering, radiology, psychiatry and physiatry. SGI has a lawyer appear for them to argue every single appeal.

Claimants succeed occasionally in front of the commission but the commission has never reimbursed a successful claimant's legal costs, despite the clear legislative discretion to do so. 

What is
Tort Insurance?

If you have elected Tort insurance using SGI's Tort Declaration Form, you have retained your right to sue an at fault driver for the pain and suffering caused by the accident and for complete compensation to any loss you may have suffered, with certain exceptions.

As well, you are still entitled to certain no-fault like automatic benefits under tort, although they are limited in comparison to no-fault.

Jonathan S. Abrametz can assist you in understanding the litigation process and pursue your claim, ensuring you get the compensation that you deserve


 Real Estate Law

Your single largest investment.

From historic Barrister House, to your house, we'll take care of you.

Jonathan's passion for real estate investment has evolved into experience that will help guide you through the laws as they pertain to your unique real estate property situation. Click this link to download our free offer to Purchase. Our real estate team would be happy to explain our fees. Call 306-652-8833 ext 235.

We handle all:

  • Commercial financing
  • Residential and commercial real estate law
  • Mortgages
  • Land use issues
  • Construction issues
  • Small business



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