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Ballantyne v. SGI

Posted by: Jon

I was proud to represent the Ballantyne's in front of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal:     ...Read More


Tort For the Kids?;

Posted by: Jon

I was asked recently by a mom of three young children if she should have Tort or NoFault auto insurance coverage. We discussed the pros and cons of both and she decided to stick with Nofault for herself . Then we started talking about her three kids who are all under the age of 16. She had no idea...Read More


You have probably heard stories from the United States about a jury awarding ‘one billion dollars’ (picture Dr Evil with his pinky finger in the corner of his mouth) for someone’s hurt feelings or otherwise seemingly trivial complaint. For some reason the famous cases seem come from Californ...Read More


The most common question I get asked about Saskatchewan’s auto insurance is;  “Should I have Tort or No Fault?”.  Everyone has No Fault by default by way of provincial law but it costs nothing to switch over to Tort, so the cost is the same.  Choosing between the two then depends on what ...Read More

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