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Ride Sharing

Posted by: Jon

A tip of the hat to the Government of Saskatchewan.  This summer, I asked for consideration of ride sharing service like UBER (like them or not) to give impaired potential drivers a convenient alternative to getting behind the wheel.  Today, it looks like we are one step closer to safer road...Read More


Recently, SGI sued a couple bars that sold drinks to an impaired driver that tragically killed a family. Suing the bar that sold the drinks to the drunk driver has been permitted in Canada for over 20 years, but it's new for SGI in Saskatchewan. In my interview today with CBC, I explained how ther...Read More



Posted by: Jon

I was asked by the Saskatoon Community Foundation to write a piece on how the Gordie Howe Endowment Fund for Alzheimer’s Research came to be.  I suppose it’s both an honour and a blessing to be able to tell you how I had a small part in making it happen.   My involvement in philanthro...Read More


I have issued numerous claims alleging that even though an impaired driver died in an accident, that injured parties should be entitled to sue the impaired driver's estate and it seems as though it will be made official in the near future. Also, it loooks like injured people will have the right to...Read More


Suing a Drunk Driver

Posted by: Jon

In Saskatchewan, you can sue drunk drivers for your pain and suffering, even if you have Nofault insurance. In fact, you can sue someone for your pain and suffering if they assault you with their vehicle. A condition to the ability to sue for pain and suffering in these two scenarios are a crimina...Read More

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